Like a lot of people out there, I wanted to be a writer from the time I was young but I was told you couldn’t make a living doing it unless you were Stephen King. Instead, I pursued practical career choices, like theater. And graduate school for degrees that sound really impressive but don’t actually have careers that go with them. I spent a lot of time working as a temp, and at jobs that paid better but that I didn’t enjoy.

So, now I’ve come back to writing. If I’d done that from the beginning, maybe I would be as famous as Stephen King right now. Then I could be writing my books from my own private island in Maine instead of from my dining room table in a very non-coastal part of New England. Maybe next year.

I wrote my first novel, Telling Lies Online, as part of the National Novel Writing Month challenge in 2015. It took a little longer than a month, and some of it was written from the passenger seat of a car while driving through torrential rain coming home after Thanksgiving. If you’ve read the book and there was a part you didn’t like, that’s probably where that bit was written.

Now I’m in the midst of writing a trilogy set in, of all places, a theater. As I said before, I loved the theater, but I hope you’ll consider buying a copy so that I won’t have to return to the strict diet of ramen noodles that I enjoyed during my years there. Before moving to New England, I lived in southern California, so some of my favorite places will pop up in the second and third books.

The first book of the series, A Road Through Mountains, is just published. The last chapter of that one was finished from the guest room of my best friend’s house after several martinis on Easter. Again, if there’s a bit you decide you don’t like, see my previous warning.The next book comes out in June. This means I will probably be writing it over Memorial Day weekend. I’ll do my best to make sure I have a somewhat ill-advised writing adventure to coincide, just to keep up the tradition.

In the fall I plan to launch a series of romances that develop as American women travel abroad to a lot of fantastic places I would really like to visit. So, you can rest assured that disastrous travel and writing related stories will be a continued theme for quite some time.

Do you have any questions or comments? Email me at miranda@mirandamacleod.com.