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A case of mistaken identity leads to the spy-movie loving Amanda getting caught up in a real case of espionage in Stockholm after being kidnapped by the beautiful and mysterious Leigh, a spy being hunted because of her dangerous past.

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A series for any taste!

Americans Abroad

American women find love in far-off destinations

Love’s Encore

A touching trilogy about fame, fortune, and finding a second chance at love


New England Beginnings

Love blossoms against the odds in these romantic comedies set in New England

Agency of Secret Agents

A secret agent accidentally teams up with an office temp in these humorous spy capers

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Have you heard about the huge indie author lesfic paperback giveaway? Have you entered yet? I don't know about you, but I never win contests, which is why I usually don't enter them. It's not a great policy, after all, how can you win if you don't enter? This is why...

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Real Writers Don’t…

This was a guest post written for iheartlesfic.com. Check out the original here. And be sure to sign up for the wonderful new release email that their site sends out weekly! If you were to meet me at a cocktail party, there are a few things you would discover right...

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Pictures of Holme!

While writing Holme for the Holidays, I had the chance to visit the real village of Holme in West Yorkshire. Though the specific people and places in the book are fiction, here are some pictures of the countryside where the book takes place, including the real pub,...

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